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Second hand verna 2011 purchase

by Rohan - 2020-10-10 01:15:19

Hello Ravi bhai aur Rohit bhai. i am Rohan from Delhi. My friend is selling his Hyundai Verna, 2011, manual , petrol, 1.6 vtvt, 22,000 km driven, Delhi number. Reason for lees driven : he stays outside India. According to him car is in very good condition. He gets service done every 6 months. Abhi recently clutch cylinder mein problem hui thi which he got replaced. I trust him. Online car dealer 'Carwale' offered him 3.4 to 3.7 lakhs after physical inspection. He is expecting 4 lakhs. Should I buy at 4 lakhs? My heart says 3.5 lakhs. After driving for 4 years, Can I sell this car to someone in UP because I know in UP cars can be driven for 20 years if approved on the basis of car condition. I think car condition will be good even after 4-5 years. What do you say about this deal? Thanks Love you both

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