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S-presso AMT vs Dzire AMT

by Saurabh Pandhare - 2020-10-10 17:57:03

sir, what should i buy ??? A brand new Spresso AMT @ Rs 5.7 lacks or A demo vehicle Dzire AMT @ Rs 6.7 lacks from Truevalue please help me and guidee me what to do !!!

3 Answers

Saurabh Pandhare
2020-10-10 18:32:16

the dzire is 28k driven

Saurabh Pandhare
2020-10-10 18:32:39

and dzire is 2017 model

2020-10-10 19:46:22

If you have a small family of only 2-3 members and need for compact AMT car with good overall VFM pocket friendly then go for S-Presso coz I'm using S-Presso VXI+ AMT it's great buy! If anyone of the above doesn't match with your requirements go for second had Dzire AMT but Dzire maintenance n insurance cost will be more, be ready for that. Drive safe.

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