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Bhaiya need your support

by Naveen Saxena - 2020-09-19 07:25:57

Hello Bhaiya Ji, In my family we are 3 person. My monthly running is 1200 Kms.Mostly single person drive(for going office) in city.And in 3-4 month around 500km run on expressway with family. I want to purchase VW polo comfertline varient (1.0 MPI Bs6 petrol) I usually drive a car in decent manner,also I don't want whommmp driving car but also it should not be feel under power.I want a car with good build quality and reliability for running in a long run around 8-9years. Currently I have swift LDI that has run around 153000 Kms. My budget is around 7-8 lakhs.Bhaiya please suggest me is that car is realiable or should I go for some other option.Lekin Mera Dil polo ke lena ka kr rha h. So need your precious advice. Thank you.

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Kuldeep Tripathi
2020-09-19 07:38:21

Good option

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