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I 20 diesel clutch trouble.

by Subarna Patro - 2020-10-11 04:16:32

Hi Rohit and Ravi, I am Subarna Patro from Delhi but now posted at Bengaluru. I am regular viewer of Manandmotor. I am one of first batch pride owner of elite i20 asta diesel 2014 model from Samra Hyundai Janakpuri. In delhi I drove it regularly around 80 km but in Bengaluru the usage is not much. Now almost I drove it around 70 thousand km actually not much. There are some minor issues I have with orvm and power window which has been fixed by a local mechanic. One thing I had noticed after 60 thousand km driving the clutch turned little heavy and tight, regarding the same I asked my service center (Bosch) at Bengaluru, whether I need to change it or to continue with it. They didn't said anything thing significantly. Can you please give some input on this issue. Generally what is the life of clutch or after how many year or after how many km it is required to change it in i20 diesel.

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