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Tell me the BEST pick

by Mayur - 2020-10-11 08:42:22

Hi Brothers... This is Mayur, from valsad Gujarat. I am your big fan of honest reviews, and yes you criticize any car in front of owners too.. thats funny part.. So here is my detailed Question for both of cars experts.. I had Santro CNG fitted, for 6.5 years, i have run that car for 2.15 lac km and sold it, now i have I 20 petrol base model, i have driven 39000 km in 15 months, now you got an idea that i m driving lover person and Main Car ka Oil (tel) nikal deta hun... Now my wife got promoted and became a forest officer, I have to buy a car for her now, car will be mostly driven in the hill areas, she requires automatic cars but she doesnt drive, car will be mainly drive by driver. I tell my wife to purchase manual car as car will be driven by driver most of the time. Suggest me your recommendation I like Dzire petrol engine but safety issues. I like looks of Tigor but performance & service issues. I like Nexon but its not in budget for now. I like Xuv 300 but again not in budget I like ecosport the most but same its not in budget now. Now i m thinking that for now i will go for Nios sports AMT. My budget is around 7 lacs for now.

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