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Confused between Sedan and so called new SUVs

by Prateek Agarwal - 2020-10-13 11:52:05

Hi..I am following you Guyz from last 1 year..really like your practical and genuine suggestions and ownership reviews..I am from height is 6.2”..currently using Wagon R..need your help in selecting an appropriate car for budget is up to 11 lacs..monthly run is 800-1000 kms..3-4 times per year long trip rahegi.. considering my height,, request your suggestions with following requirements: 1. Safety 2. Maintenance cost should be low 3 Basic features should be ok.. 4. Bangalore roads are pathetic with overloaded traffic. Car should be comfortable. I am confused between Sedan Honda City, Rapid etc and so called SUVs like Creta, Nixon etc. Please suggest which one to buy not only limited to mentioned above.

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