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Altroz XT vs new i20 sportz?

by Vinit Sharma - 2020-10-13 11:52:42

We have a budget of around 8 to 9 lacs, we shortlisted Tata Altroz XT, i20(sprotz+). It's not going to be of rigorous use, just for a middle class family car, with weekly running of around 40-50km. Sometimes trips will be considered also. Please help us buying our new car. Should we wait for the new i20? Im really impressed with it's design. I heard, new i20 is going to be really good, in terms of every aspect. Also, is it true, i20's milage is about 8-10km??? please clarify the milage of i20 in city and highways. Also specify the milage of altroz in city and highways. In your Altroz video, i heard it's performance is very poor in lower gear, due to it's 3 cylinder engine. Please suggest a car, between them, or any other car that you would recommend according to yourself. P.S:- It's going to be our first car.

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Ankit Rathod
2020-10-13 11:59:38

altroz lelo usme kya fark padta 3 silindar endin ka

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