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Upgrading to Alloys in Nexon XZ

by Arjun Singh - 2021-01-14 09:37:05

Hello Ravi & Rohit, Firstly, Happy New Year to you and your family. It's great to see you two back after a hiatus. After receiving your answer in October, I booked Nexon over Altroz and I I am about to get it this week (after 3 months waiting). Since I booked Nexon XZ petrol, I am getting steel rims and not alloy wheels (available in XZ+ upward). I feel alloys looks better and I am considering upgrading them immediately at the time of delivery. My question is- 1- Do you see any fitment issue/cons of this upgrade since the alloy in XZ+ is meant for 215/60/R16 while the tyres in my XZ will be 195/60/R16? 2- Do you think it's a good decision? Should I change my 195 section tyres to 215 as well? How and where can I make such an exchange deal? Your answers will be awaited as usual. Lastly, please try and come to Ratlam, M.P. if you can. I understand it's a very long drive for you both but it will be good to understand buyer from a completely new state. Plus we're know for our quality and delicious food, plus you both look like foodies to me. You have my phone number so please call me up in case you plan to. Thanks, Arjun Singh

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