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Used car Hyundai Verna vs Hyundai i20

by Tanmay - 2021-07-28 11:25:08

My budget is 5 lakhs but can stretch max upto 6 lakh. This will be my first car. Hyundai elite i20 Dec 2015 1.4 CRDi run only 25000kms(₹6 lakhs) or Hyundai Verna 1.6 vtvt petrol 2012 model run 60000kms (₹4lakhs). These two are the options for me, both are single owner. If I buy the Verna petrol, I will convert it into CNG which will cost another ₹50000. My use would be on weekends and monthly running will be around 1500kms. Travel will be between Mumbai - Pune - Alibaug. Which will be a better option for me? If there is any other car I should consider, suggestions are welcome. My height is 6'2 so space is important and boot space is also required so a CNG sedan is preferable.

Tata zest 2015 diesel

by Vivek - 2021-07-28 08:25:06

Sir i am getting 2nd hand tata zest 2015 top model with 1,25,000 km run . Condition is very good as i had taken test drive and with very good maintenance. Contains alloy wheels , back camera, seat covers new, amplifier, led lights. He is asking for 2,80,000 lkh . I just want to take advise should i take it , if yes than at what price. Thanking you.

Sir vxi petrol lu ya cng lu.

by abhimanyu - 2021-07-28 07:17:11

plz plz ans me . I am confused Help me मे आज तक सेकंड हँड कार यूज़ करता था. लेकिन फॅमिली में 7 लोग होने के कारण मेने अब एर्टिगा vxi बुक की शोरूम में. मंथली रनिंग 1000 किमी है. लेकिन मेरे दोस्तोंका कहना है कि vxi cng बुक कर. लेकिन vxi cng को मिनिमम 6 मन्थ का वेटिंग है. और पेट्रोल को 2 मन्थ का वेटिंग है. मुझे कार जल्दी चाहिए. पापा इतना वेट् नही करेंगे. क्या करूँ i am in confused. वैसे हमारे गांव में cng पंप नही है. 70 km दूर है. लेकिन जब भी घूमने जाएंगे बाहर टैब ही कही कही cng भरवा सकेंगे. समझलो मंथली 1000 km रन में मुझे 500 km में ही cng available होगा. क्या करूँ. क्या मेने पेट्रोल book करके सही किया? बड़ी दुविधा में हु plz ans me.

Xuv 500 w7 or safari xm

by Ayush saxena - 2021-07-28 04:04:19

Hello sir, I'm really confused between xuv 500 w7 and safari xm, i have 6 adults in my family. I am getting a deal of 16.50 on road price for xuv 500, but there is a doubt for xuv should i go for it in 2021 as it is soon to be discontinued or opt for safari which has much less features. Or should i extend my budget for safari xt which has same features as in xuv500 but thiers is a gap of 4 lakhs... Will it be worth? My last car was wagon R which we had since last 14 years.

Planing for new car

by Gautam singh - 2021-07-28 00:18:20

Hi sir pls suggest me which one is better Ignis sigma ya i10 nios era petrol version

Tyres upgrade of Altroz XE Rhythm

by Asif - 2021-07-28 00:09:37

Hi, I'm planning to buy Altroz xe rhythm model. I watched your video in which you are saying that it's tyres are very narrow and hence suggested to upgrade. My questions are: 1. Is the performance with stock tyres are not upto the mark? Should I must upgrade it or the performance is decent enough with stock tyres? 2. In case of tyres upgrade, should I change both- rims and tyres as per the specifications of the upper Altroz variants (16 inch rim) or should I only upgrade the tyres with broader section only (14 inch rim).

Wrapped car

by Aditya - 2021-07-27 23:49:51

My car color is white and i want to wrap this car in black color. So is there any changes is required in my RC or all is ok..?? क्या मुझे अपनी RC में कुछ बदलवाना पड़ेगा..? मेरा चालान तो नहीं कटेगा ना..??

Which compact suv is better under 10 lakhs

by Raashid - 2021-07-27 21:43:25

Mujhe mileage wali gaadi chhaye 10 lakh ke under compact suv diesel or petrol family gaadi honi chhye jo low maintenance gaadi ho service budget me ho urgent leni hai

Bhai aap ki video bahut acchi aati hai

by Mayank Vishwakarma - 2021-07-27 19:47:10

Bhai main confuse hun Scorpio aur aur Kia seltos top variant ko lekar budget hai 15 se 20 lakh kya Scorpio leni chahie please suggest me thank you Main gaon mein rahata Hun Mahindra car service centre pass hai 20 km per UP Fatehpur se hun ok thanks please reply fast

Which car is better under 10lakh on road price ( ex showroom price 9lakh)

by Parash - 2021-07-27 16:37:06

Nexon xm Or venue sx or ecosport trend Petrol Mileage 13/16 average Highway 70℅ For minimum 7yrs